A Small Group consists of 3 or more people who gather together to build community, to grow and serve together. They meet in a variety of places and cover a variety of interests.

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Leader Name:   Kevin Lindsay
Meeting Time:   Sunday mornings starting at 9:00am
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Our café small group serves on Sunday mornings providing free coffee and tea in a welcoming environment. We also sell other hot and cold drinks along with snack items. Join this hospitality group today!

Category:   Hospitality, Worship Experience

Guest Services

Leader Name:   Terry Floyd
Meeting Time:   Sunday morning from 8:45am-12pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Providing our guests and members a friendly and welcoming experience they will never forget through greeting and ushering.

Category:   Hospitality, Worship Experience

Worship Team

Leader Name:   Jefferson Bullock
Meeting Time:   Sunday morning 8:00am
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Leading attenders into an engaging worship experience where the presence and person of Christ can be encountered. Do you have a musical or vocal talent? Contact us for an interview and audition to get you on the team!

Category:   Worship Experience

Production Team

Leader Name:   Joseph Lindsay
Meeting Time:   Sunday morning from 8:00am-12pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Be involved behind the scenes at Manna Church. If you have ever been interested in Multimedia and are looking for a place to learn or use technical skills to serve others, this group may be for you!

Category:   Worship Experience

MANNA KiDS (3 months - 5th grade)

Leader Name:   Sonya Lindsay
Meeting Time:   Sunday morning at 9:15am
Location:   Manna Church Kid's Building
Focus:   Manna Kids Ministry exists to come along side and equip your kids with Bible based experiences. We are committed to providing safe, fun, and clean environments where your child can learn the Bible and know God through age-appropriate instruction. We invest in your child in a small group setting through prayer, worship, teaching and creative arts. Our teams of teachers work hard every week to prepare an atmosphere where your child can experience God’s presence and His practical love through people. Be part of the team.

Category:   Worship Experience, Kids

Financial Peace University

Leader Name:   Chris and Flo Dunn
Meeting Time:   Every Saturday from 2pm-4pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Helping people get a handle on their finances by walking you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future and much more.

Category:   Financial, Topic/Book Studies

Maintenance and Outreach Team

Leader Name:   Pete Andrews
Meeting Time:   Every 3rd Saturday from 10am-12pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   This small group will focus on three things: Maintenance, Outreach, and Manna Events We will help with small projects at our facility to keep it beautiful and functioning properly. We’ll share our knowledge and skills with one another with safety as a top priority. In addition, we will use our skills for outreach projects in our community to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the world. These outreach projects will be determined by the members of the team. Finally, we will help set up for church events as needed to insure a safe and fun experience for those attending.

Category:   Hospitality, Outreach

GO Group

Leader Name:   Dara Ferris and Samantha Floyd
Meeting Time:   3rd Sunday of every month - directly following service at a local restaurant beginning Feb 18th at Mario's Pizza, Main Street High Point
Location:   Various restaurants and outreach locations
Focus:   An outreach group that will meet together once a month to fellowship and strengthen one another and once a month to GO out into our community! We will do a variety of outreach projects throughout the semester. Our first outreach will be a Valentines project for a HP Nursing Home. Sharing the LOVE of Christ can be natural, fun and exciting!

Category:   Outreach

The Plug

Leader Name:   Jefferson Bullock
Meeting Time:   1st Sunday of every month from 5-6:30pm
Location:   Manna Church Worship Center
Focus:   All high school and middle school students! An engaging, interactive, and exciting night where students can grow in their faith, build life-giving relationships, and get connected into our local church.

Category:   Students, Middle School, High School

IF (Impact Fairview)

Leader Name:   Jeanetha Rountree
Meeting Time:   Every Thursday from 3-:30-4:15pm
Location:   Fairview Elementary School
Focus:   Fairview Elementary School is a Title 1 school serving grades Pre-K through 5th grade. We serve the school and staff in various ways. Primarily, we meet weekly at Fairview Elementary to walk the halls and pray in the rooms. We pray for the students, the families, and the school staff. Additionally, we tutor and mentor students, and occasionally provide treats for the staff throughout the year.

Category:   Outreach, Prayer

The Middle

Leader Name:   Jared and Beth Mead
Meeting Time:   2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday morning immediately following the worship portion of Sunday morning service.
Location:   Middle School Room - Kids Building
Focus:   Guiding middle school students in their relationship with God, relationship with others, and service. Teaching biblical principles and how to apply them to their everyday life.

Category:   Students, Middle School


Leader Name:   Jefferson Bullock
Meeting Time:   3rd Sunday of every month at 5pm
Location:   Locations will vary
Focus:   Come get connected with other high school students and be apart of community! Real life people talking about real life problems.

Category:   Students, High School

Boys II Men (high school guys)

Leader Name:   Jefferson Bullock
Meeting Time:   2nd and 4th Tuesday from 7-8:30 pm
Location:   Bullock House
Focus:   A place where high school guys can grow deeper in relationship with one another, and deeper in our relationship with God by developing our faith, character, and leadership.

Category:   Students, High School


Leader Name:   Rachel Oswald
Meeting Time:   2nd and 4th Tuesday from 7-8:30
Location:   Location will vary - contact leader
Focus:   Our small group focus is to fellowship and grow with one another, build each other up in our faith & learn how to be Godly young women on fire for Christ!

Category:   Students, High School, Women

The Expanded Middle

Leader Name:   Jared and Beth Mead
Meeting Time:   2nd Sunday of every month 4-6pm
Location:   Locations may vary and date/time may vary as opportunities present themselves
Focus:   The "Expanded Middle" small group is for middle school students and their parents to develop relationships and strengthen our Church family.

Category:   Students, Middle School

Read the Old Testament

Leader Name:   Kevin Lindsay
Meeting Time:   2nd and 4th Mondays from 6:30-8pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   This small group will read through the entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi. Reading 7 chapters a day and meeting to discuss our readings. Out first gathering will be Monday February 5th but begin your reading January 29th.

Category:   Bible Study

Bible Study Group

Leader Name:   Adam and Nancy Liesure
Meeting Time:   2nd and 4th Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm
Location:   Various homes
Focus:   This small group meets to study God's word to build better relationship with God, each other and those who do not yet know Christ. We want to know God and make him known in our character, conduct, and commitment to our Faith.

Category:   Bible Study

R.I.B.S. (men)

Leader Name:   Ray Baker
Meeting Time:   1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 6:30-7:30am
Location:   Panera Bread on HWY 68, High Point
Focus:   We will read through one book of the Bible each semester strengthening men in the Word of God. Through discussion and prayer we will discover the heart and pleasure of God.

Category:   Bible Study, Men

The Wise and Wonderful

Leader Name:   Elmore and branda Graham
Meeting Time:   The group will decide on dates and time after the first group meeting in February.
Focus:   The Wise and Wonderful is for senior adults who are young at heart. We plan to organize fellowship activities which include brunch, lunch, bowling, movies, and other suggested interests of the group.

Category:   Fellowship, Seniors

Jail Ministry

Leader Name:   Tim Walker
Meeting Time:   Multiple Options Available
Location:   High Point Jail
Focus:   The Jail Ministry Team shares the good news of God's unconditional love with the men and women in the High Point Jail. Our goal is to clearly present the Gospel of Christ and to nurture new believers in faith and discipleship, leading to transformed lives.

Category:   Outreach

Sunday Morning Prayer

Leader Name:   Elmore and Brenda Graham
Meeting Time:   Sunday morning from 9-9:30am
Location:   Manna Church Prayer/Nursing Mother's Room
Focus:   This small group meets before service to pray for all who minister in our various departments. We pray for His blessings on the service for the Holy Spirit to have free course to bring deliverance, healing, and salvation through the worship and the ministry of His Word.

Category:   Prayer

Wednesday Night Prayer

Leader Name:   Penni Brough
Meeting Time:   1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month starting at 7pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   We pray! We simply pray for peoples needs, the city...for you! This prayer time is open to anyone who wants to pray, from new Christians who might feel intimidated to seasoned prayer warriors.

Category:   Prayer

First of All Prayer Group

Leader Name:   Clark and Deana Carter
Meeting Time:   Every Wednesday at 7pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Based on 1 Timothy 2 we will be praying for our leaders and all who are in authority as well as praying for an awakening to God. Before each session relevant scriptures on prayer and the authority God gives us as believers in Christ will be shared.

Category:   Prayer

Friday Morning Prayer

Leader Name:   Jerry Johnson and Ray Baker
Meeting Time:   Every Friday morning from 6-7am
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   This small group meets early on Friday mornings to pray for all the prayer requests submitted to Manna Church. We also pray for the needs of our church and the city.

Category:   Prayer


Leader Name:   Manna Leader
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm: February 7, 14, 21, 28 - April 4, 11, 18, 25
Location:   Manna Church
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   First Step is for anyone exploring Christianity, new to faith, or finding their way back to God. During this 4-week gathering we will introduce you to healthy habits for securing a firm foundation in your walk with God.

Category:   Bible Study, Growth Track


Leader Name:   Manna Leader
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm: March 7, 14, 21, 28 - May 2, 9, 16, 23
Location:   Manna Church
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   Next Step is a small group answering four questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? What is my part? If you are fairly new to Manna this group is designed to help you access involvement in the church body.

Category:   Bible Study, Growth Track


Leader Name:   Manna Staff
Meeting Time:   Email for dates and times
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Leader Step is a eight week small group that will equip you to lead and influence people in your family, community, and at Manna Church. Be part of the leadership culture by understanding our vision and values. (please note that completion of FirstStep and NextStep and the Manna Membership Application Process are mandatory prerequisites for participation in LeaderStep).

Category:   Bible Study, Growth Track

Sista Talk

Leader Name:   Jeanetha Rountree
Meeting Time:   2nd and 4th Saturdays from 10am-12pm
Location:   A variety of locations in the area for coffee and/or breakfast
Focus:   SISTA TALK is a community women’s group that focuses on lifting and encouraging women as they encounter and maneuver life’s difficult challenges. We share our stories, and discuss pertinent issues. We laugh, we cry , we support, we affirm in the commonality of relationship, fellowship, and sisterhood. SISTA is an acronym for: Sharing, Inspiring, Supporting, Through, Affirmation.

Category:   Topic/Book Studies, Women


Leader Name:   Terry Floyd
Meeting Time:   1st Saturday of each month from 9-10am
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   33 The Series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in the 33 years He lived on earth. Featuring: Timeless truths adapted from the original Men's Fraternity, A multi-generational and racially-diverse teaching team, moving testimonies and documentaries.

Category:   Men, Topic/Book Studies


Leader Name:   Larry T. Ingles
Meeting Time:   1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   This small group will provide a forum to address the current issue of creation and evolution. Because secular humanism is the prevailing perspective in society, you will be better equipped to address this issue and use this info as a Gospel tool!

Category:   Topic/Book Studies

Victorious Women

Leader Name:   Nancy Ramsey and Samantha Floyd
Meeting Time:   3rd Saturday of each month at 10am
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Our monthly meetings we will have a short message of encouragement, prayer, worship and fun! We will also plan different outings and outreach events. We were not meant to walk alone in life. Come join us and let’s talk about it!

Category:   Topic/Book Studies, Women

Gifts and Callings

Leader Name:   Pete Andrews
Meeting Time:   2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   We will study scripture about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will take time during each gathering to pray, discuss, and ask God to reveal our gifts, and allow those who are comfortable to function in their gift.

Category:   Topic/Book Studies

Small groups have put me in connection with people who are as passionate about outreach and about seeing our city impacted with the gospel of Christ. I feel like we are truly doing life together.


Small Groups are where life happens.


Small Groups have really helped to refine and deepen my understanding of what it means to BE the Church.


Small groups have impacted me greatly in not only my walk with Christ but has allowed me to develop deep friendships through fellowship.